What Now, LaVar? What’s Ballin’: Trade Talks, Rumors, and Big Talk from LaVar Ball

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What Now, LaVar? What’s Ballin’: Trade Talks, Rumors, and Big Talk from LaVar Ball

According to Ohm Youngmisuk’s tweet from yesterday, “LaVar Ball tells ESPN that if Lonzo Ball is traded, he wants his son to go to Phoenix: “We want to be in LA. But if he’s traded, I don’t want Lonzo in New Orleans. Phoenix is the best fit for him. And I am going to speak it into existence.”

So much for LaVar’s period of relative silence. And there he goes again, stealing my tagline. Here is the first line of my introduction to We Ballin: ‘“You truly speak reality into existence, LaVar,” I said to the giant of a man in front of me, an awestruck look on my face.’

And I believed it. But I didn’t think he turn my words into his own personal tagline, profiteering from my genuine respect for him. But more of that for the YouTube video.

With trade talks flying every which way on the subject of All-Star Anthony Davis, the Lakers are desperate to unite Lebron with Anthony this very season. In order to do so, Lakers have officially offered up several deal scenarios. They have gone so far as to offer five separate scenarios (Ball included) to ensure the Davis trade before the February 7 trade deadline.

Let’s backtrack.

In the most recent episodes of Ball in the Family, LaVar’s manager comes across as a half-way decent person. Watching the show, I found myself liking him even, in spite of our acrimonious past. These past episodes show LaVar debating on what to do about Melo’s desire to return to high school.

Did anyone else notice LaVar asked “Alan” for his opinion on what Melo should do in terms of returning v. not returning to high school? And then went with it? That’s basically been the pattern for the entirety of the existence of Big Baller Brand. So, with the express approval of LaVar’s manger, Melo returns to the U.S. to finish off his high school career. Surprise, surprise.

And then, today, LaVar spoke out in a big way. He did not seem happy – not at all – with the possibility of Zo being traded. The Pelicans have turned down all five previous proposals offered by Magic Johnson of the Lakers, but that hasn’t deterred the purple and gold. Now the Lakers have given their biggest offer to date: Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson, Bradley Beasley, AND two 1st round picks.

For all of this, the Lakers would receive Davis and Solomon Hill (joining for salary-cap relief). The possibility of this trade is real.

It’s not difficult to imagine why LaVar Ball isn’t happy. He had imagined (or spoken into existence, as he said) all three of his sons on the Lakers. And everyone knows LaVar is a fortune-teller (ha. ha.).

Today is February 5, and LaVar Ball has let the Lakers have it. Very purposefully, I might add. LaVar called into the Doug & Wolf show on Phoenix radio 98.7 to do so.

LaVar was asked why he told ESPN he wanted all three of his sons to play on the Phoenix Suns together. Let’s just say he went on a verbal rampage, decrying everyone from Luke Walton to Lebron James – and even Kyle Kuzma. There’s no way Zo will go to New Orleans, he said (though without the power to do anything about it). Then he said that all three of his sons can and should go to the Phoenix Suns. “I gave the Lakers a first right of refusal,” said LaVar. “I said get all three of my boys, and you got championships.”

Well, LaVar went on to say, the Lakers done messed up now. And they even gave Lonzo a “losing attitude.” Why? Blame the coach. LaVar told the hosts, “Luke Walton was the worst coach ever for Lonzo because he had a losing mentality.” He called in three hours later into the station to add, “If they would’ve [fired Luke Walton] a long time ago, they wouldn’t even be in these trade talks…All you gotta do is listen to the Big Baller!”

According to LaVar, Luke was the reason for all of this – all of it, down to Zo’s less than stellar professional debut. Too many people handling the ball, he said, and continued to insist, “Like I told them before, if you trade my son, it’ll be the worst thing you’ve ever done for your franchise. I guarantee it.”
LaVar doesn’t want Zo in New Orleans because of established point guard Jrue Holiday, he said. So, they’re not going to New Orleans, but Phoenix, he said, might “have a chance to get all three of my boys to win these championships.”
LiAngelo, 20, is still playing in the JBA (an association LaVar invented) having never played college and who is not currently viewed as a European Prospect. Melo, 17, is finishing his high school career at SPIRE Institute in Ohio and is viewed as an NBA level prospect, with ESPN’s current mock draft showing him as the 33rd pick going to the Suns.
When asked if he was afraid of Lebron, LaVar exclaimed, “Afraid of LeBron?! I’m not afraid of Jesus! What are you talking about?” Put that down in the record books.
Then he took a shot at Kuzma. Essentially, Zo is the reason, LaVar said, that anyone on the Laker’s is any good at all, including Kuzma, Hart, and Ingram.
Will LaVar speak all of these Phoenix trades into existence? Yet again? As he always has (ha. ha.)
Time will tell.

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