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We Ballin’ – the book

Hi everyone!

I am Marissa Mitchell author of We Ballin’: What I Learned from LaVar Ball about Basketball, Business, and Bravado. This is an unauthorized biography of LaVar Ball, father of the Ball brothers. Most famous of those brothers is Lonzo Ball, starting guard on the Lakers NBA team.

What does “unauthorized” mean, exactly? It means that LaVar does not support this book. For those who are familiar with LaVar at all, this means that I definitely did not stay in my lane on this endeavor. What began as a collaboration between LaVar and myself ended in just my publishing this book about him. So, what began as a book about how LaVar was the best parent in the world ended as a book showcasing how the tides of fortune and fame can change a person – for better or for worse.

Please don’t take this to mean that this book is all about how LaVar is a terrible person. It’s not. It is a commentary on American/Western society, as well as how money can and often does influence people in not the greatest of ways.

You will see different characters in this book. Tina, his wife. Alan, his manager (oh, I have a lot to say about this guy). The sons themselves. And, of course, me. And I am no angel.

I hope you take a look!


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