We Ballin’ – A Recap

//We Ballin’ – A Recap

We Ballin’ – A Recap

There has been “relative” silence on the Big Baller’s end for a while now, and the reasons why make sense.

Since Alan Foster essentially screwed up the company by “allegedly” embezzling 1.5 million, and since Lonzo Ball has subsequently sued him for it (not to mention the FBI investigation now pending regarding Alan’s actions), there hasn’t been much to boast about from the founder of BBB.

I’ve never seen LaVar this silent. Actually, I’ve never sensed LaVar to be this silent. The website is still defunct, and it doesn’t look like it will be back up anytime soon.

Last time I posted, I hadn’t even mentioned the unauthorized ankle surgery that Lonzo almost had that could have voided his contract with the Lakers. Right when Zo was about to get the surgery, Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson stepped in to save the day, literally. Because if he had received it, it would’ve probably meant his end with the Lakers. Zo has switched agents and figuratively cleaned house, but the fact that this almost occurred is outright crazy and shows just how much hand Foster had in all Ball family affairs.

Now Alan has been outed and, since that time, Big Baller Brand has virtually disappeared. It has disappeared everywhere, that is, except overseas. Even though the website to the apparel line is gone, LaVar’s Big Baller Brand is still charging approximately $450 (400 Euros) for a person in Qatar, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium to go to a BBB camp and “interact” with the Ball family.

It’s termed the “2019 Big Baller Brand Mini Camp,” and it’s apparently for all skill levels. BBB is still failing by the standards of the Better Business Bureau, by the by. But with the website down and Twitter silent, it’s a wonder that this is even happening.

Of course, LaVar insists that Big Baller Brand is NOT folding. TMZ sports said that LaVar has begun hiring people in an attempt to relaunch since Alan’s actions were found out (still allegations at this point, but it looks pretty clear that he did indeed steal from the Ball family – Lonzo, mostly).

But more talk has been about Zo and his lawsuit against Alan than about LaVar is doing or saying. A lot, specifically, around Zo’s comments on an episode of HBO’s The Shop. Zo said, “When I bought my mom and dad a house, [Alan] had a room. The way I feel about it is different—that’s why I covered up the BBB on my arm. When I saw that, I saw him. When we looked at his transactions, the s–t didn’t start happening until my mom got sick. Because she took care of all the money s–t. That s–t hurt me. I don’t even know what I would do if I saw him.”

I talk a lot about this in the book. When Tina had her stroke, everything – and I mean everything – shifted. It was clear to me from the beginning that LaVar was playing tough, but he didn’t know what to do without Tina. She had handled so many aspects of the family and the business that I am sure he didn’t even know where to begin. Enter Alan. From that point on, Alan had saved the day in LaVar’s eyes. And it had all begun with Tina being unable to do what she had been doing: taking care of the family.

More recently, LaVar showed that even the Alan debacle wouldn’t stop him from commenting on Melo’s exclusion from the McDonald’s All American Game. On Ball in the Family, LaVar claimed that the game had lost credibility. He declared, “They used to say ‘who’s who’ used to play at the McDonald’s All-American. Now it ain’t the who’s who because guess what? Melo the most popular, most skilled sucka and don’t make it? Their credibility is raggedy. Back in the day they said “You somebody, you a McDonald’s All-American.” Melo finna change all that, cause now they know you don’t take the best.”

But Melo wasn’t excluded because he lacked talent; he was excluded because he has been rendered ineligible for college basketball. Among the things he has done: played professionally overseas (though he claims that he was not paid), been sponsored by Big Baller Brand; maintained what appears to be an agent-client relationship with Harrison Gaines. Those are too many variables to make Ball himself credible.

Then there has been the Laker-coach fiasco. You can hear a little more about that on my video below. But one thing is clear: not all is well with Ball family.


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