Ballin’ Blog – What’s New With The Ball Family

//Ballin’ Blog – What’s New With The Ball Family

Ballin’ Blog – What’s New With The Ball Family

What’s new with the Ball family? There’s always something happening, that’s for sure. Even after Lonzo was not traded in a packaged deal to the Pelicans for Anthony Davis, he’s still making headlines…but through his injury. And of course, through the ever-dramatic Ball in the Family show, along with his siblings.

It seems as though Zo’s recent injury will be affecting him longer than was originally anticipated (surprise, surprise). I talked about how this would likely be the case in my last video, given the tendency toward conservative timetables in the League.

The bone bruise in Zo’s sprained left ankle will probably extend his recovery past the originally estimated 6 weeks, Tani Ganguli reported recently. To recap, this injury occurred on January 19 in the third quarter of the Laker’s game against the Houston Rockets. He was carried off the court.

An MRI taken the following day revealed a fully torn ligament, indicating a Grade 3 sprain – not something just shaken off by a long shot. While Zo moved quickly through the rehab process, healing takes time. Without Ball, the Lakers have given up substantial points per game, as Ball significantly added to the Laker defense.

Last Thursday, the Lakers beat the Rockets. However, before the game, LeBron James told the media, “We are still missing a key piece of our unit in Zo, which we’ve missed a lot.” He continued, “But we are definitely together and we look forward to seeing what we are capable of.”

Now remember that this is not Zo’s first injury. He had a knee surgery in the offseason and had successfully recovered. Now, to everyone’s dismay, he is in another rehabilitation stage.

Let’s turn to Gelo and the recent revelation of his rejection of the London Lions. It was revealed on Ball in the Family that Gelo turned down an offer to play abroad with the London Lions, in spite of the fact that the Lakers did not draft him or offer him a spot on even their Summer League team. No NBA team offered him a spot in summer league.

Still, Gelo did not take the offer to play for the London Lions. According to Lonzo Wire, Gelo said, “It probably sounds a little crazy to other people, but I think my best path to get to the league is to join the G League instead of the London Lions.” Ball explained, “It’s a big decision, but I’m not nervous and I know that’s going to be the right role for me.”

But with the G-League season almost over, it is clear that if Gelo were to have received an offer, it would have come by now. Had he taken the offer from the Lions, he possibly could have swayed G-League scouts to recruit him, but he did not choose this route. Will Gelo ever play American basketball, let alone the NBA? Maybe he could, but he sure is making matters difficult for himself.

Meanwhile, Melo has had his own drama to contend with at SPIRE institute in Ohio, where he is currently finishing off playing his final year of high school basketball. When he returned from an absence due to a broken finger, he led Spire to a win, but not without a fight breaking out in the second half. Melo didn’t seem to be that involved in the fight, but it’s not the first time he’s been on court with fists flying (remember that JBA game?).

The latest Ball in the Family revealed that Tina and LaVar would be purchasing a house in Ohio to be close to LaMelo. Would Tina’s parents be traveling with her to the Midwest to help her “rehab,” as LaVar terms it? It is unclear. What has been made clear is that she does continue to need rehabilitation for movement and speech.

I wonder where Alan is in the midst of all of this. I wouldn’t doubt that he is behind the scenes of it all, orchestrating the inner and outer workings of the Ball family. He is in basically every Ball in the Family episode, and for good reason.

I wonder where the Ball family would (or would not be) without him. Where would Tina be? The brand? Recently LaVar has spoken out about not wanting Zion Williamson to rep his brand – he “ain’t chasing after nobody” he said. But what if he were? What if he were here without Alan? Where would the Ball family be?

Perhaps in a place a bit more healed, recovered, and human. Perhaps.



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